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Monday Post

Friday... don't remember much outside of talking with ~M~ for a while. I think we both needed it.

Saturday... Cleaned the room a little. Went to my MRI.
So I get there. Very cute girl answers the door. Almost smiles, hands me a clipboard and says "fill this out." So I do. She comes back, takes me into a second waiting room. Says "Take off all metal objects blah blah blah and put them in the locker." So I put them in the locker. She disappears, and this other lady comes out of what I guess is the control room and escorts me into the machine room. Asks me if I've had an MRI before. "No," I say. She tells me to sit down on the table, put my head in a little resting wallow, and plugs my ears with earplugs. Then she pushes me into the machine. And even with the earplugs, the jackhammer-loud sounds are loud... and they vary... And I can feel the magnetic waves going through my body... and eventually I fall asleep. Then I get pulled out, get told "You did great!" get told I should expect results in 3-4 business days, and kicked out. So I go home. Eat, and watch Buffy and Angel to finish out my night. Finished Buffy season Five, and Angel season Two.

Sunday... Church... Come home to pitstop... Breakfast... I end up with a migraine... Come home, shoot some of the Zomig inhalant the neurologist gave me into my nose, end up feeling really weird, and fall asleep. After I wake up, we have dinner. Then I watched a few movies.
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