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*gasp* an early post!

Monday I went to the neurologist.

Basically he told me that I, as well as my migraine situation, are weird.

Caffeine (as well as cheese and electrical shocks) are three of my triggers. The difficult part is, a lot of migraine medicine uses caffeine to offset the extreme dilation that causes migraine pain in the first place.

So even though it is a trigger, he still wants me to take Excedrin Migraine - which has 65mg of caffeine in it - "just to see if it works." I will not. After all, I drink iced tea on a regular basis, if not caffeinated sodas. (Pop. Coke. Take it as you will.)

Got a message (Tuesday 3/1) through Y!P from a girl on the other side of Philly... we actually got to chat a little tonight (3/3) but then she watched TV and went to bed.

Tuesday we took my mom out to dinner for her 60th birthday. We went to Steak and Ale, a steakhouse near home. I got prime rib with a shrimp skewer, rice pilaf, a huge crock of french onion soup, and sauteed mushrooms.
At one point, my brother says to me, "Mike, I've been playing World of Warcraft too much. I just had a thought... I half expect a gnome or dwarf to be coming into the room." (The restaurant looks a lot like a building in that game.)

I got him his birthday present already... Probably shouldn't have, but it'll make certain things easier in the long run. Now I just need to get my sister's...

I made up a poem for my mom for her birthday.

"Older than dirt, older than stone,
Even as short as you are, you're still fully grown!"

She thought it was kind of funny but as usual gave me that "you turd" look she gives me when I bust on her height.

I got her a card... the poem I'd started to write kind of floundered... Actually almost everything I've been writing recently has withered a little, well except for the poem I wrote today. (~M~ had mentioned her stress... I told her she needs some unstressing massagination... and poof, out spilled a poem.)

I have an MRI scheduled on Saturday the 5th... at 4:45pm... Kinda sucks as it is not really how i want to spend my Saturday afternoon.
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