michaeljr915 (michaeljr915) wrote,

Weekly, almost March.

Friday I stopped at Masso's, the Deli/pizzeria, near work for dinner on the way home.

Saturday we took down the Christmas tree, and my sister's boyfriend and his daughter were over for dinner. We had meatloaf, potatoes (mashed and augratin), and corn. Hands and arms look like I got attacked by a cat, there're so many scratches.

Sunday we went to Church. Then did nothing til Mom and Sis decided to go out to lunch. I ordered Chinese food for Dad, Dan and I and we watched the two episodes of Stargate from 2/25. Unfortunately halfway through the second episode, my brother's friend came over (the one who visits me in my room) and started talking. Rather rude. So dad went to bed, and I told him to stfu til the show was over.
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