michaeljr915 (michaeljr915) wrote,

Saturday and Sunday Stuffages

Saturday... got a hair cut. After mom spent the better part of the morning barking about how she never gets help at home.

Church. I really do hate it when Mom wakes me up from a good dream.


Came home from breakfast, I needed to pitstop, so I got Dad out of the car, left it running, and went...
After an hour it seemed to have subsided and Mom asks me if I was feeling up to going...
So I put my jacket on, and go outside...

and the damned car is STILL RUNNING! A full hour! *sigh*

So we go to BJ's and shop. Saw a NICE 19 inch flat panel LCD monitor by Sylvania for 400 bucks. But then I thought, with that 400 bucks, I could by a new grill for the house... or a new stove... or take the trip I want to take to Texas...

Anyway, we shop. I went to find the band-aids at one point, but couldn't find them, so I hung out at the deodorant trying to find something different than my boring 'powder fresh' stuff by Arrid.
There's this lady there.
She picks up two 3-packs of deodorant, puts it in her cart. She stood there for a minute, looking at it... picks up one 3-pack, puts it back on the shelf. Looks at it a minute... goes back to the cart, picks up the second 3-pack, and puts it on the shelf.

Then she looked at the shelf for a minute, and picks up the two 3-packs again, puts them in the cart... and picks one up, puts it back on the shelf...

She did this more than a half dozen times over the course of ten minutes while I watched her... was rather... weird.

So we got home. I napped a bit. Watched Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Got ready for dinner. Ate. Was good. Went upstairs. Browsed Yahoo Personals... watched League of Their Own... and basically did nothing with my night. Was a good nothing.
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