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Early Monday Morning

So Sunday Mom got me up at 5:45am to go to church. I really coulda used the extra 45 minutes sleep.

Played a bit of WoW after Church, but then ended up helping Mom.
Did a lot of stuff. Moved the extra fridge. Installed two new breakers in the breaker box. Didn't get zapped this time.

I partially realized that maybe it was my getting zapped on Thursday that triggered the migraine Friday; she joked about it being the stress of working with her and electricity together.

After that, we did some work in Dad's room, built him a clothes rack since he'll be losing about 50 square feet of his bedroom to a new bathroom. Then I took both him and Mom out to dinner. We went to Olive Garden. I enjoyed it, but I ate too damned much.
We got appetizers... the San Remo crab/cheese bread dip, the Italian Sampler (with mozzarella triangles, chicken tenders, and stuffed mushrooms), and bruschetta. I got pasta fagioli soup (mom got the minestrone and dad got the zuppa toscana.) For an entree I got their mixed grill (chicken and steak kabobs, really) but I was so full I barely ate any. (Mom had the Tuscan steak, Dad had the shrimp stuffed shells.)
(I couldn't remember what ~S~ had suggested to me)
I had tiramisu for dessert.

Diddled on WoW a bit afterwards... ended up with a horrendous stomach ache that now has me up til almost 1am with it (but I think it's winding down).

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