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Toys, movies, and work

The Apple MacMini. I want one so bad. But configured it would cost me over 900 bucks. (Actually this has probably dropped, since Apple supposedly has reduced the price on memory upgrades due to increased supply and increased complaints of customers saying that they could buy similarly sized memory at local stores for half the price.)

And besides, that 900 (or less) bucks could be put to better use travelling.

Meanwhile, over the weekend, I was able to finish two discs of Buffy (season four disc four) and Angel (season one disc three) and sent them back to Netflix. Yay for promptness!

Still feeling like crap, even 2 hours into work.
I came in to 90 emails, 7 voicemails, and a lot of office problems. I always knew that the place would fall apart if I were gone more than a day...
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