michaeljr915 (michaeljr915) wrote,


My voice has been back since some time Friday.

Actually called and spoke with bosslady - and only partially squeaked - to let her know I should be in Monday (today the 31st.)
Stopped at the doctors because I was still feeling horrible... he looked at me, heard me almost squeaking, and basically said 'keep taking your meds, and rest, and drink lots of fluids.'

Yeah, that's great. At least it didn't cost me 40 bucks.

So the weekend was aight... survived... can't shake the cough...

But when I woke up this morning, I had that 'sick' taste in my mouth again... and a lot of post nasal drip...

This is what I get for being mostly healthy for the ten months I was out of work, and the 6 and a half months I've been at my job.
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