michaeljr915 (michaeljr915) wrote,

Don't wanna go back...

But I need to.
Three days out of work, while semirestful and mostly quiet, sucked because I couldn't speak outside of the barest squeak. Basically, I was out of work for no reason at all.

I wonder if my bosslady will let me make up the three days I took, by working an extra hour once in a while. I hope so... I hate to think I wasted three days that could have been used better elsewhere.

Highlights of the weekend...
I did get to (start and) finish the Buffy and Angel discs I had left laying around from November. Bad Mike!
We got 15+ inches of snow.
That's about it really...

I realized relying on my voice for half of my livelihood kind of stinks... I wonder if I should get it insured? Kind of how J.Lo insured her ass. But not. Or should I say, butt not?
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