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I've been wanting to LJ for a week, but just couldn't get into it, couldn't get anything out, felt stopped up like a clogged creation pump.

Highlights of the last ten days:

Asked a girl out at work. She wouldn't feel comfortable dating a coworker. No biggie - disappointing, but I understand.

Was given a new set of responsibilities - which I actually dislike. Basically I've been required to assume responsibility for software our company does not produce, has never supported, and is no longer being written for or maintained.

Went to the doctors - he gave me one more medicine to try for my migraines (since I had two in three days last weekend).

Cleaned my room a bit, and I feel better.

Spent most of Sat the 15th rearranging our basement and my dad's bedroom so we can (eventually) install a new bathroom.

Tired of being in this house. I know, I know, all the people who'll reply and say 'well move out dummy' can just please be quiet and silently nod your heads fervently, wishing bludgeoning objects upon my skull.
My sister has taken up the onerous task of insulting me at every turn - hambone, applebutt, even yesterday - after having worked in a dirty, dusty basement for over five hours - repeatedly felt obligated to call me Stench.
The frustrating part is, I have never - ever - insulted her like that. Outside of Polish jokes, but really... who isn't at least partly Polish that can't claim they've done Polish things?
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