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For a while...

I was doing pretty good with semi-weekly updates.

And then... The Holidays (TM) happened.

Thanksgiving went OK, as I previously covered in my Journal.

The intervening weeks up to Christmas were pretty much 'normal'...

Normal being as follows:
Wake up. Shower. Chant repeatedly "IDW" or some alteration thereof. "IDW" stands for "I don't wanna..." as in go to work.
Go to work. Work. Eat lunch, usually from the same place - the Wawa across the street.
One week though I did have to come home sick because I ate some bad chinese food.

We got a new shipment of computers at some point during the month, as well as two new hires. Of course, they're Dells, but they're slightly different than the older models, in that they include SATA hard drives instead of ATA/IDE drives. This presents a problem, because our Ghost version does not support SATA hard drives, and The Co. won't put out for a new copy.

Oh, and at one point, one of the programmers stated quite firmly that his computer died, and I needed to find an ATA to SATA adapter so he could take out the old HDD from his old computer, and put it in one of the new ones. Shyeah. Right. The number of problems with that boggles the mind, and I just looked at him, said "No." and walked away.

In order to get a new copy of Ghost, one of the senior technicians directed me to download it from a warez site. Whatever. So I try. Three days later I get a quick conversation with the Senior Senior tech that Corporate wants to accelerate the Active Directory migration because apparently someone was looking at porn. Uhm... oops? (The Warez sites had indecent pictures.)

So we started that migration the week of Christmas. Of course, I was first, and really had no problems. Basically all I had to do was run two scripts, type in a command prompt command, and reboot. No big deal, right?
Well, three of the people with Palm Pilots had issues.
One of the girls' PCs took over two hours to complete the migration.
One lady bitched about all her personal, private stuff being put on the network... Apparently she uses the laptop to work at home, and uses it also as her home computer.
All of the programmers have a special way of 'checking code in and out' of the Code Library, which was keyed to their old, pre-AD usernames. Which the migration removed, of course.

I've been talking on and off, small talk mostly, with the newest sales rep, ~J~. This past Wednesday (the 29th), I'd finally worked up the courage (after two weeks of incessant torture - I love certain scents, and her perfume was just awesome) to ask her out, but she beat me to it - asked me out to a line dancing club near my house. So I gave her my phone number.

She came over to my desk shortly afterwards and said, "I don't call boys, but... here." and handed me hers.

Joy! Rapture! Dancing in my seat! And later I went out to the bar with her (and a bunch of her friends, very cool people.) Had a great time, aside from a communications problem (I got there at 7:45, and ended up sitting in the lobby for 45 minutes before the bouncer lady would let me in) and hoping very much to hang with her again.

Didn't do much for New Year's. Okay, didn't do ANYthing for New Year's. Not even fondue - our usual NYE tradition is to Fondue, but Dad had Dialysis, and my sister's DS boyfriend and daughter came over. I hermitted in my room and played WoW most of the night. Went to bed at 12:15.

Got up New Year's Day at 6:30 for Church. Which! Turned out to NOT be a holy day of obligation!
And then mom made us go again Sunday! Blah.

Well, I think I've covered pretty much everything. I've been doing okay on the creation front... My signature series for ~M~ has kind of fallen by the wayside as she no longer really plays the title character. I finished one of my mini-stories, and am almost finished another. I hope to resume some of my other creative endeavors this week, as going on a date tends to recharge the batteries :D Whether it was officially a date or not.
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