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Thursday Things

Last night, we started to decorate the Christmas Tree.

I'm home at 6:15. I try to bribe mom to go out to dinner instead of decorating. No dice - we're going to Christmas Village in PA on Saturday. So we drag the decoration boxes + tree out of the crawlspace. End up waiting til 10:45 for my sister to get home from work to start decorating. Put up the tree. Brother's playing Playstation and won't help. Mom and I almost end up getting fingertips cut off because the tree wasn't cooperating. I start putting up lights, and get sent to bed because apparently last year my light job sucked.

Not bad, right? However, I know my mom and sister stayed up to some ungodly hour to put the lights on the tree.

Otherwise though...
Dad's doing okay; he seems to be losing weight, as his repeatedly falling post-dialyzation weights are indicating... He was down to 118 kilos last week (haven't asked him this week yet.)
Mom's knee keeps hurting her, but she, like most mothers I know, just won't stop, no matter how bad the pain is.
Brother's looking for a job, supposedly, but is spending quite a bit of his days playing Playstation.
Sister has a second job, doing what, I'm not sure.

Thanksgiving was quiet for my family. Only bickering we had was after the table was cleared, regarding who was going to clean the pots/pans/put away the food.

I need to write my Christmas Cards this weekend... My track record over the last few years has put them being delivered the week of Christmas, and that's just bad form. And horrendous procrastination, on my part.

Dad's my Pollyanna this year... Dunno what I'm going to get him. Probably more audio books... I feel bad that I can't get him any movies, but then, I'm trying to avoid giving him anything that reminds him how stuck-in-the-house he is during the day. I kind of miss being at home to hang out with him, but ten months straight being at home was driving me batty.
I'm really pissed at my brother because he will not take him out. I should, because Dad got Dan for Pollyanna, and help him figure out what to buy.

WoW has been going pretty well, outside of some frustrating server crashes and a few mistimed outages. I think I have most of the stories in mind for getting my characters migrated over; the ones that're migrating, that is.
I've cancelled my EQ accounts. End of an era? Maybe. It was a fun game, but it was the friends I made that will always stick with me, moreso than the game will/has. Of course, it was a bit easier to keep in contact with some of them, when playing, but most of them have at least three other ways to contact me :D
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