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Two Weeks...

Work has been "teh suk" because of so many different reasons...

--Introducing a piece of software with no testing whatsoever, which is supposed to convert one piece of client data - from the old software - to the current software. Except we're getting all sorts of weird problems when someone uses something /other/ than Windows, or tries to have it interact in any way with a network, or when certain conditions in the older file aren't met...

--Just overall busy, with clients calling up not able to register or update because they haven't paid their damned bills! Gee, who'da thunk? *boggle*

--Had a new girl start this past Monday, however, we did not have any new computers, and the ones that were supposed to be delivered on Thursday? A whole dozen? Weren't.

I've asked her out three times since the beginning of the month... have gotten maybes, but we haven't done anything. Oh well... I really do enjoy her company, and wish we could do something. And now she's in Florida. I hope she has a great time! Seriously, no sarcasm intended, dear reader.

Then there's the parents... I've spent three more days these past few weeks doing plumbing or electrical work... because I'm there, because I don't say no, because I do the job with minimal griping (but when I get frustated, woo! do I ever.) I've also told them I'm dragging their asses (as well as the rest of their bodies) out to see a movie, but each time we have plenty of time, someone's either sick, or tired, or someone non-parental is depending on the parents to do something.

Take today for example.

I didn't feel like sitting at home doing squat so I decided to find out when The Incredibles was playing today. At 10am I found out there's a showing at 11:10.
So I decide to go. With myself, because Dad's tired or sick, and Mom has to make dinner for my sister's lazy ass slovenly impolite rude and generally bad-person boyfriend. Well screw that.

So I went. And I LOVED it. And then I treated myself to lunch at Wendy's. Got their homestyle chicken strips meal, and instead of fries, I got chili.

"Chili?!?" you ask with a screech.

Yes, chili. I wanted something warm, something with a bit of kick, something with meat! Ar ar ar! I dont' care if my stomach hurts tonight/tomorrow... I enjoyed it!

So tomorrow I get to deal with a guy who's having all sorts of problems seperating a Novell network from the new 2003 based network he's trying to migrate over to (and my company's program just happens to be caught in the middle...)
Then Tuesday...
*cues drumroll*

World of Warcraft gets released! YAY! I took a half day for it, Tuesday and Wednesday... Oh and the contractor that's coming to measure for the new bathroom we're having built for dad's just a side excuse. *angelic smile*

I've been doing decently on the creation front, having created a desktop wallpaper for my good friend ~M~, because I sensed somehow she was having a bad day and combined with a possible roleplaying storyline for WoW, I was struck with the lightning bolt of inspiration. No, it didn't hurt.
I've also gotten out several chapters of the story moving one of my characters from the EQ-based Clan to the WoW-based one, but I'm kind of in a slow spot, and need to move it along - after all, release is less than 48 hours away!

So rambling aside, those of you folks, friends, and random LJ surfers who visit this here onramp to my mind, I wish you (those who celebrate, and even those who don't because you're lucky, you probably get a day off work because of it!) a Very Happy Thanksgiving!
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