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A whole week!

Ran by without me even thinking about my LJ.

So let's do a quick recap, shall we?

Monday... first day of the 11:30 to 8 shift. BORING. Esp with it being a federal holiday and all.

Tuesday... Second day of the shift. A bit less boring. Had some trouble with dinner.
See, we get Chinese from the same chinese place. When we call, apparently they put the Caller ID number into their computer, and input the order, and then deliver.
Well, I stated...
"I'd like to place an order for pickup."
I wait 15 minutes, drive out. They need to make the food. I pay. I head back to the office. Walk in. Bosslady says, "Mike they just delivered your food." *facepalm*
So apparently, the car I was passed by when I parked, was their delivery car, and he was delivering my food.
So I had extra... took it home for Dad. Nums.
Also picked up The Day After Tomorrow at Best Buy, and watched a bit of that before I left work.

Weds I switched with Sharon because she had a doctors' appointment.

Thursday I went to 8 again. Watched Buffy episodes. When I got back home, I had my main EQ character's Officerization ceremony. Quite fun, until Brother yelled up the stairs that Dad had dropped two full quarts of Hot&Sour chinese soup on the floor in the kitchen. Yum.

Friday was again boring. Mom was kind enough to drop off my new Netflix and I watched another couple Buffy episodes before I left.

Saturday I woke up, showered, went to the bank. Went and sat outside the store where Saturday's Worldwide D&D Gameday was taking place. Except when the store opened, I was one of three people there. The owner couldn't tell me why the DMs that had signed up weren't there, so I went home. Fell asleep for several hours. Ordered dinner - Pizza. Yum! Watched Field of Dreams while XES raided the Zeks (I shoulda gone, but I really wasn't in the mood to EQ it up.)

Sunday went to Church. Went and bought my costume. Closed my eyes for five minutes... Woke up five hours later. Ate dinner. Told family about the costume. Sister jumps and says, "See, I told you he was gay!" I wanted to deck her.
So while I was standing in the arch between the kitchen and dining room I get the feeling that I -need- to be upstairs... and as I sit down I hear my cell ring, answer it, and it's ~M3~! Yay! We talked for a while.
Played a bit of EQ on my baby mage. It was fun! Went to bed, but I don't think I slept very well, because after all I'd slept more than 5 hours that afternoon.
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