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Why is it? And yet...

Why is it that, after a weekend of being laid up by a migraine, I'm a lazy son of a bitch? And yet, when my sister used to get migraines, it was all "be quiet, Sister has a migraine" or "Mike, pamper your sister" or "awww, poor girl."

Why is it that no matter how much my family demonstrates their dislike of my sister's BF, he still comes over for dinner? And yet, I'm not allowed to have my really cool friends (whom granted my family has never met) stay over for ONE NIGHT so they don't have to spend 80 bucks on a hotel room.

Why is it that my brother can sit on the couch all day, and my sister can "slave in the kitchen" but when I climb a tree in the front yard with a running chainsaw and almost fall, the end result "could have been better?" And yet... I'm always the one who gets asked to do things, even when said brother and sister are available.

Why is it that my family (mother, brother, sister) can just not understand the whole thing behind EQ? "No, Mom, I can't come down with the clothes at the moment, there's this huge dragon thing about to squash us" just doesn't seem to go over well. And yet, when my brother or sister are expecting to go out, they can't even do a thirty second chore because "omfg, I'm gunna get the call any nanosecond!"
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