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Friday, Saturday

Worked again Friday. Generally a good thing, except I really was not feeling well most of the morning.
Talked with ~M3~ again :D

Kept trying to call ~S~ cause I really wanted to talk to her... except I kept getting told by an automated message, "That user is not currently available". :(

Came home. Brother wouldn't go get Dad (due to being mad about work) so I did.
Picked up a Wawa 2 foot Roast Beef hoagie for dinner. Dad fell asleep after dinner.
Logged into EQ at 7:45 to attend a raid. Found out it wasn't til 10, and Dad was still sleeping, so I watched some of the Buffy eps I got from Netflix - discs one and two of Season 2.

Went to the raid. Was up til 3:45. But we got what we went for!

Woke up. Ate a piece of leftover hoagie.
Ended up with a migraine. Took meds, took a nap. Took a shower. Feel a lot better, but I still can't get in touch with ~S~ :(
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