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I went on a date last night!

Well sort of.

I got a response from the lady I sent the Icebreakers + Email to via Yahoo.
She sent me an IM yesterday morning... Initially I didn't recognize the username, because the one she IM'ed me with, and the one posted with her profile, didn't match.

So we chatted. All. Day. Long. *dance*
Found out we have a bunch in common. She went to school for computers. She dated a guy I used to work with. We went to the -same high school-. Her brother dated a girl I really used to care for.

And I told her, every month or so, someone demonstrates to me just how small a world it can be. Especially in our corner of South Jersey.

So I went home... got home in record time... And she had to stay late at work. So we continued to chat... She mentioned she was going to go out to Barnes and Noble, so I asked her, if it wouldn't be too forward, if I could join her. She said yes!
We swapped numbers.

I got there... We chatted, reminisced about high school, checked out her yearbook. (I'd never gotten one from that school.)

She has a great smile, beautiful green-gray eyes. Would that be hazel?
Then we went to a diner... I had tuna on rye and a crock of french onion soup.

Just a great time. Was really fun!
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