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[First job]: Active Radiator
[First screen name]: mike34886
[First funeral]: Pop (Grandfather Leon on Dad's side)
[First pet]: Ezme (dog)
[First piercing]: None
[First tattoo]: None
[First credit card]: Officemax
[First kiss]: 12th Grade - Jill
[First enemy]: Honestly can't think of one
[First favorite musician]: Kenny Rogers
[Last car ride]: Ride home from work
[Last kiss]: May in Florida
[Last movie watched]: Ladder 49
[Last beverage drank]: Ice Tea, no lemon
[Last food consumed]: Turkey hoagie with bacon + mayo
[Last phone call]: Some customer
[Last time showered]: 6:15 am
[Last CD played]: Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack
[Last website visited]: livejournal.com

[Single or Taken]: Single
[Sex]: Male
[Birthday]: Sept 15th, 1979
[Sign]: Virgo
[Siblings]: 2 younger
[Hair color]: Brown
[Eye color]: Brown
[Shoe size]: 10.5
[Height]: 5' 6"

Right now what are you...
Wearing: Blue buttondown with blue jeans
Drinking: Water (wooder)
Thinking about: Giving this girl my digits
Listening to: The clicking of my fingers on the keys
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