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Thursday to Tuesday

A whole five and a half days to report...


You know, I honestly can't remember what I did Thursday night.

Actually, or Friday, for that matter. I think I played Everquest.

Saturday, I dragged my parents out to see Ladder 49. Quite a good movie. Great special effects, even better acting. Great use of in media res to tell the story. Then we went to Red Lobster for late lunch.
Then later, played EQ during which I attended the slaying of one of the more annoying creatures of the game. Quite fun. Much more positive experience than the first couple times I did it, with my old guild... This time, I knew most of the people, had an idea of what my duties were, and had more at stake in the battle.

Sunday Church, as usual. Father Dennis seemed to not be doing well. He goofed up a couple times, and overpoured wine, and had trouble drinking what was left.
Then breakfast. Had pancakes, woo! Haven't had decent homemade pancakes in far too long. Tired of eggs.
Took a nap. Was woken by the phone, which normally doesn't happen - since my sister's BF calls her all day Sunday when they're not together - because I knew, for some reason, I should... Turns out it was ~S~ trying to call me! YAY! *hugs ~S~*
Cleaned my room a bit more. Still got quite a bit to do...
Played the Twins a bit on Everquest... Ended up going to bed early because this week is my first week of the early shift (8-4:30) at work.

Monday work... Tina came to me at around 8:50 and told me why I hadn't gotten any calls... Seems the first person to log into their phone in the morning has to disable the Night Mailbox... and they didn't tell me how to do that.
So I sat here from ~7:55 to almost 11 without a single call.
Of course, I paid for it later - I was on the same call from 1:28 to 4:27.
Was weird getting home at 5:05... I watched Angel :)
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