michaeljr915 (michaeljr915) wrote,

Wednesday Woofles.

Woke up weely early with a bad stomach ache. Got a widdle bit of sleep after that.
Woke up again, except this time with a weely bad headache. Migraine.

Called out of work. Didn't want to, but couldn't stand up straight.
Showered after everybody left, felt a little better.
Watched Northern Exposure with Dad a little.
Ate lunch.
Slept from 1:30ish to nearly 5. Watched Angel.
Went to the doctors. He gave me a few samples of a new graine med called Axert, since M-something and Imitrex don't work.

Came home, ate dinner.
Saw that a girl, no, lady I'd sent a Yahoo Icebreaker to last night (I think, I can't really remember) had denied my putting her on my Yahoo contact list, and blocked me on Yahoo. Lovely.
Shame, too, she looked so familiar.

Trying not to go to bed early, since last night I had all those problems.
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