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Sunday to Tuesday

Sunday I went out shopping with Mom. Went to Target. Got some needed stuff for the house, like toilet paper and paper towels. I got some granola bars for work.

Monday I worked. I mean, actually worked. Over the last few weeks our office was almost doubled in size by removing a wall and expanding into the office next door. So they painted, put up walls, cubes, and such.
Well Monday, they decided that two of the techs were going to stay after their shift of 5:30, and move all the sales reps' computers.
It was so dead (unbusy) at 1:30 we started moving them then, and had most of it done by 4 :) It was nice too because the sales reps actually helped us get them migrated. We did the computers; they did the rest of their accumulated junk.
Stopped at Target on the way home, picked up a 128MB USB flash drive for 25 bucks.

Played some EQ either on Sunday or Monday, I unfortunately cannot remember.

Tuesday was another boring day, but I gave myself something to do - getting the last of the new PCs ready to update the last 3 sales reps to new machines.

Got to talk to ~M~ on the phone! Yay! Of course I didn't tell her about that thing I didn't send her *innocent grin*
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