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Weekend plus one

Friday didn't do a whole lot except work.

Saturday did a lot of cleaning in my room, mostly the desks and sorting out bills and employment paperwork.

Sunday continued, still haven't cleaned off the nightstand/bookshelf next to the desk, nor figured out what to do with my pile of Dragon magazines or roleplaying books.

Monday I went to work. Normal, huh? Well, mostly. See, I've been going to the same Wawa for five years now, through this job and the previous one. There I met several rather attractive girls, one of whom I've flirted with on a pretty regular basis. Okay, pretty much every time I see her.
So today... I asked her out. I said, "So would you like to go out with me sometime, to eat somewhere other than Wawa?"

She said, "Sure, I'd love to, but it'd have to be just as friends, because I've got a boyfriend."

From Wawa to work, it's about a four minute drive. I think I must have said "damn damn damn" the entire time... three to four "damns" a second, times four minutes. Damn.

But she said "YES!"

I felt empowered all day. It even overrode the "bored out of my bloody gourd" feeling I usually get by 2pm.

I read two-thirds of "The Da Vinci Code" in work (finished the rest at home.)

Damn! But she said yes!
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