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So after being bored for eight hours in work, and playing for seven of those hours with Chaoscope, I went home.
It was raining pretty steadily.
I picked up my cake on the way home, since the bakery was only 2 blocks from work. I didn't have to pay for it, I just had to drive it home.

Got home. Had Chinese dinner. Had cake. Opened presents.
Got a new wallet (yay), Stargate Infinity cartoon on DVD (yay) Sliders Seasons 1+2 on DVD (yay) (which they want to exchange to get some money back) and a buttload of Transformers. (I also got my own wallpaper!)
All because I opened my mouth and said how cool it'd be to have the new Optimus Prime, way back in Feb or so.
I'm 25 years old now. I realize I play video games for most of my recreation. But... what'm I gonna do with Transformers? Let them gather dust in a closet, or on a shelf? I'm completely and utterly flamboozled about that.
I really do appreciate the thought, though. I just... don't get it.
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