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So Tuesday night, in courtesy of my father who, every Wednesday (as well as Monday and Friday) has a dialysis treatment, my family took me out to the Library II steak restaurant for my birthday dinner.
I had salad. I also had a 16 oz filet mignon, butterfly cut, medium cookage. It was awesome. Tender, juicy. I so so so wanted to pick up my plate and drink the juices from it, but figured it's better safe than sorry and I used bread instead.
Very good food.

We sat at a five person table, which fit Dad in his chair pretty well. I had a good view over to the next table of a rather attractive young woman. Before we even got our drinks, my sister switched my place with my mother's, ostensibly to protect me from the harshness of her cigarette smoke. However, I also lost my view of Pretty Woman.
All through while we were waiting, I wanted to go over to her to say that she had a nice smile... "Pardon me for interrupting, but I just wanted to let you know that you have a pretty smile."
And of course, when I got up to get my dad some fresh cheese (they have a cheese bar) by the time I got back she was gone :(

Unfortunately as is customary (it seems *sigh*) I had a stomach ache immediately afterwards.

I also slept pretty horribly. Tossed and turned. Weird.

Went to Wawa for breakfast.
Drove halfway to the mall for lunch. Had a weird feeling, so I turned around and went back to Wawa instead.
Went in, ordered a chicken teriyaki rice bowl, and chatted with the girl I usually chat with when she's there. Well, I can't really call her a "girl" per se, she's my age, and rather attractive, and is the manager of the store.
And in my big ol' brain here, I decided, "Hey, I'm gonna ask her out." Then I got my food, and left.
I figured out why I turned around. I wanted to see her smile. Well, I got to. Maybe that's why my train of thought derailed.
I kinda had a good idea to ask her out, too. Since she works at a convenience store, she's really really tired of the food. So I would go up to her and say, "Tiff, would you want to go out with me, to eat somewhere other than Wawa?" I think she'd get a chuckle out of that.

In other news, I responded to an Icebreaker I got through Yahoo personals (Hey, I don't have much else going for me, what can it hurt?) but got no response from that... and sent another Icebreaker to a different woman (who has a really cute smile), but haven't gotten any responses from that either.

On the computer front, Everquest released their new expansion, Omens of War. I refuse to buy it. After many changes made to the Bard class (my mainstay) which pretty much turned me off of my Bard, and the continuing boredness of the game (the only reason I log on anymore is to hang with friends and to roleplay) I'm just really burnt out. Especially after five years.
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