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Maple Shade Sidewalk Sale

Every September, the Saturday after Labor Day, Maple Shade (my town) holds what they call the Maple Shade Sidewalk Sale. Several blocks along Main Street in town are blocked off, and hundreds of people set up tables to sell junk, arts and crafts, food and such. Kind of a huge yard sale. I'd forgotten it was Saturday, and stayed up late the night before playing WoW.

So, I slept in til 10, got up, showered, and headed out with Mom and Dad. I abandoned them after I pushed Dad up the hill to Main Street, and walked my own way, catching folks I know, browsing, and all. At one point, saw the girl who played Juliet opposite my Romeo in my Senior Year's Fall Play, "Something for Everyone". She basically ignored me twice.

Eventually I saw Michelle, a girl I'd gone to High School with, and also worked with at ex-work. I'd emailed her about a month ago, and she said that she got the message, however, since she had no news to report, she didn't say anything. I told her, even no news can be good news.

So as she and I were walking around I saw Krystal, a girl whom I'd gone to HS with, who the last time I saw her (sometime in June) she'd been seven months pregnant. Well, I saw her pushing around a baby stroller... And as Michelle and I walked past, I tried to wave... Let Michelle go, turned around... Not two minutes could have passed... and she's gone. *sigh* I'd wanted to congratulate her.

Then I picked up some food and headed home.
Napped and vegged, did a tiny bit of cleaning. Mom woke me up so that we could install the new fan/light in the dining room. Gave myself a very bad headache doing that. It's so difficult sometimes working with my mom, because no matter how dumbed-down I explain things, she just doesn't seem to get it. We perservered, though, and were successful.
Mom took Dad and I to Buca Di Beppo for dinner.

Got home around 11. Hung on WoW a bit. Went to bed.
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