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So I sat in my room today, getting dressed for work. Turned in my chair to dig my sneakers from out underneath my desk, and nearly knocked over a computer. Set it straight, pulled the sneakers out, and turned again, only to knock over a different computer. Then I slid out away from the desk, stood, pulled on my jeans. Fastened them, turned to pick up my belt from the corner of my bed where I usually hang it, and knocked over my articulating floor lamp.


Last year, probably from January to November, were some of the most creative times I've had in the last few years. Why? Well, I've been thinking about that since I got to work.

My room was clean most of the time. By most of the time, I mean the only times it wasn't were when I got computer parts, or went out of town. Oh and the occasional seasonal shift, while I resorted clothes that fit, ones that didn't, and moved Summer to the closet, and Winter to the rack.

Now, I have... Let me think a moment.

A pile of computer boxes (trash)
A pile of game boxes (full) that stand on top of my stereo stand (which houses my Roleplaying books and some novels, as well as my CDs and single DVD movies
Four piles of novels on my bookshelf
A coffee can full of candles, as well as a handful of candles just sitting on my shelf
A bookshelf full of junk
Another bookshelf full of junk, books, comics, and assorted other junk that belongs to my brother
On the other side of the room, starting right and going left...
There's the nightstand which originally held the VCR, Playstation (One and 2), N64, SNES.
There's the dresser (built into the wall) which housed my TV, but now holds my vaccuum cleaner and assorted other junk. On the floor in front of it right now is the filing box I bought, as well as some clothes that don't fit that I need to take to Goodwill.
The corner where the fridge is, is mostly clean however there is a small pile of junk on top, including the phone.
My bed is mostly clean, and usually neat, if not made - I'm generally a solid sleeper unless I'm sick.
Next to my bed is a small box fan.
Then next to that is my steel Pullman stool (From the old Pullman train cars) which right now holds a computer (because it was overheating.) On top of the computer are the Roleplaying books I don't have room on a shelf for, as well as the last month and a half worth of bills, letters, etc.
Then comes my desk. The right hand side holds my laptop. Between my laptop and monitor #2 is a pile of junk usually consisting of a speaker, a candle or two, some envelopes (usually Netflix movies), and a box of tissues.
Between monitor #2 and monitor #1 is my lamp, clock-radio, a candle, usually a water bottle, my little teabag dispenser (Thanks ~S~!) a paperweight geode, and the trackball for computer #1.
Then there's monitor #1, which has a stack of game boxes and DVD cases on top, as well as the picture of ~S~'s family. Next to the keyboard is usually a notepad, my wallet, keys, cellphone, name badge, and flashdrive.
Further left is my nightstand/bookshelf, which right now has another pile of junk and letters. On the floor in front of it is my trash can, and right now, a pile of empty boxes.

So, you can imagine how cluttered my room is. It's rather frustrating too because when I try to clean it, a lot of it ends up just getting moved. Part of the problem is I don't have a free corner where I can place my filing boxes - but then, those would just become a catch-all as well. Although, it would remove a lot of the letter-junk-piles...
Another thing is I don't throw stuff out that I know I'll use. ~S~ has told me that she's slowly broken herself of this habit, however, I know I've touched at least 75% of the stuff in my 8 desk and nightstand drawers within the last 4 months.

I did good, though, back at the beginning of summer. I cleaned out my closet quite a bit. Threw out computer boxes I didn't need. (Still have a small stack left to toss.) Unfortunately when rearranging the computers for maximum cooling, I had to put the Mac in the closet... so that's taking up a bit of room :(

Rambling complete though, I think that, once I get my bedroom cleaned up (again) my brain'll be more in a creative mood.

After all, I have way way way too many unfinished stories and poems to complete, to not be creative.
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