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Lack of Communication

It's funny, I haven't posted in "so long" that I actually needed to look back at my journal to see what I'd posted last.

Okay, okay, a week isn't "that long" as compared to "some people" *cough*haf*cough*.

Work is boring as usual... I've graduated from playing Nethack to Halo to 18 Wheels of Steel: Pedal to the Metal.

Although, I can't completely complain... I spent almost all of Tuesday taking not many calls at all, and instead, checking on PCs that we needed to clean out of a cube because, well, it's the last empty cube we have, and we're going to need it for a new person in two weeks.
I also took apart a desk so we could cram two women into a twelve-by-twelve office and spent entirely too long making three ethernet cables by hand.
Then I tested two older monitors (out of four left) and found that one works, the other doesn't.

On Sunday the 29th, I capped off a fuster of a weekend... Mom and Casey needed help loosening a lug on sis' truck... so I go outside, pop the wrench off, reposition it, and twist...

In the wrong direction.

All I could do was stare at it stupidly. I -still- feel stupid for doing it. Beyond stupid.

I've been pretty good diet wise... haven't been eating (much) junk food outside of beef jerky... and have only been eating three meals, as opposed to the 4-6 I was eating when I was out of work. (I say "much" junk food, because I've treated myself to ice cream a couple times recently.)

The only drawback to eating three times a day - I eat at 9ish, 1ish, and 7. So since I try not to eat again between dinner and bed, by breakfast I'm stuckin' farvin'.

Back in Micro, we (techs) were given a 32MB USB flash drive device. I've used mine pretty much religiously for non-network, small file transfer. I even have taken wallpaper into work. Work safe wall paper, thank you. So when I lost it last Thursday, it was like losing a very valuable tool. Which it is.
Thankfully, Mom found it in the washer after washing some of my jeans, and while it was warm, it was only slightly damp. I have yet to try to use it yet, but if I do, I'm sure not going to try it on one of my systems at home! *bwahaha*

Sunday night I was actually able to get into EQ for a little while, assisting Clan members in trying to find the bone shards to summon the dragon, Garudon. However, a sudden thunderstorm cut that short, and I ended up helping Mom with some problems she was having on her computer.

I picked up Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic really cheap at Gamestop. I've been looking for this game under 20 bucks for a while now, and finally found it. It's better than Icewind Dale, Baldur's Gate, even Final Fantasy 7, 8, and 9! (Well, 9's debatable.) I'm really enjoying playing it. Lightsabers! hu huh hehehe.

Recently I've had the itch to get back into actual roleplaying... As much as I enjoy roleplaying M, I, I, H, and B, I'm kind of at a limit of what I can create for them right now. Even my story, The Sleeper, has hit a creative road bump.

My Muse just isn't talking to me much lately.

Maybe it's because I'm getting too frustrated with ~S~'s website. I have a basic site already set up - I need to set up the gallery still. I need to do it at home though, because I'll be working with a lot of pictures that just aren't safe for work. And besides, I wanted her to set up the thumbnails for how she wanted each pic to display.
--But what I'm frustrated about (None of what is in the previous paragraph) is how when trying to learn CSS - to make editing the site easier for me both of us - is completely frustrating. I've purchased a book. I've read a half dozen tutorials on the Web, and even gone through them meticulously. But the problems I'm having relate to straying from the teacher's path. If I make an edit to an attribute or want to use pixels to place particular pictures, it ends up totally where I didn't expect it to be... and I can not figure out why! Those references say what to do, but not why it might break, or why you might get C result when changing Y attribute.

Well, it's late again, and I seem to keep going to bed around 12:15 lately, even though I should be going to bed 15-30 minutes earlier.

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