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August Weekend...

Got up my usual insanely early time on Saturday, and pondered the past week.

Friday I walked her to her car... then went back in to the building to load up Halo again and proceeded to kick the crap out of the other three players (again.) I think there's chemistry there... but again, the whole smoking thing... is a huge turn off.
Walked for a half hour after Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis.

So Saturday I cleaned. Watched my Deep Space Nine discs from Netflix. I'm almost done season six... then I can start on Buffy and Angel :)

Attended Nuking's PoStorms event as the Twins, hung out with ~A~ for a while. After dinner, spent time with haf in PoInnovation and chatted about how her birthday went.

Happy Birthday haf!!

Sunday we got up for Church at the usual time. Had a half a cheese danish for breakfast. Ended up with a stomach ache before I went out with Mom to Pathmark, Staples, and Applebee's. I had their all-you-can-eat Riblets; was quite good. I had two plates full, and could have gone through two more, but the server was getting on my nerves, and the -manager- even came over. I postulated he was gauging how much I could eat. Mom agreed.

So after that, ended up doing a whole lot of nothing, though I did happily get to talk to ~L~ as well as walked about a mile and a half with my Mom.

I had a lot of things to think about... but the wonderful breeze kept the thoughts whirling about like leaves in a cul-de-sac, and they didn't settle anywhere.

I'd wanted to take my iPod with me, but it turns out I'd forgotten to charge it after I last let it run down. *doh*

And I cleaned the large pile of crap off my bookshelf... only to replace it with the bills I haven't sorted out yet.
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