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Step in the right direction...?

She spent almost an hour in my cube today. I taught her some things... which I hope she absorbed... and will remember.

Then I walked her to her car.

Then she drove me to mine.

~S~ is of the opinion that my "hangup" (as she calls it) may possibly preclude me from experiencing something special.
I always hold ~S~'s opinions and advice in the highest regard.

My own PoV says cigarettes are nasty crap.

What she says makes a world of sense... And yet, I can't help but remember way back in, oh, 1999ish, when I kissed Amanda (not you, ~M~, of course) and nearly wommited because she tasted... so bad. Not to mention that I live with three smokers, and am forced to walk through a house with nicotine clouds hanging around... And go places smelling like that. Eat dinner with that ... odor ... hanging around, tainting how I taste food...

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