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Pretty Plain Presumption

As the newest hire at my company with a decent amount of troubleshooting and configuration background, I was tapped by the Sysadmin of the office to put together the new PCs for all the new hires henceforth.

Today he had me set up two PCs for folks that'll be hired within the next three weeks.

After I was done, I had five empty boxes and all the accompanying styrofoam to throw out. So I broke up the boxes, and carried them out to the dumpster.

As I exited the building, a rather corpulent lady got dropped off, I imagine to start work, and says to me...

"I didn't know the cleaning company that services this building hired white people."

I was so shellshocked, I didn't know what to say. So I just ignored her, threw out my trash, and went back inside.

Wow. I still can't believe she actually said that.
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