michaeljr915 (michaeljr915) wrote,

Wednesday Woofles

I sit, reading news on Philly.com, Fark.com, CNN.com. I've installed Seti@Home on my PC. Yahoo, Winamp, iTunes, Apophysis (Thanks ~L~)... a bunch of other programs I really don't even remember.

I hear Tony S giving little bits of information to the new Anna in Tech, the one I'd hit it off with. I didn't talk to her really at all yesterday. Today she smiled at me. *sigh*

I've kissed a girl who smokes once. It was nasty. I'm a big senses guy... I like smell and taste. She smelled like it, tasted like it. Her teeth were yellow. *vomit*

So again, I sit, listening, chatting with ~S~, listening to my Dell Optiplex GX270 P4 2.8GHz ramping up its temperature activated fan when it gets too hot.

My muse seems to have gone on vacation... I guess she's mad that I didn't avail myself of her often enough during my unemployment. She probably deserves it. Lord knows how many opportunities to create I totally ignored, didn't implement in time, or didn't recognize.

I reread the chapter I wrote for The Sleeper. It's good... I can't think of any ways to improve it... but the single sentence I have to continue just isn't sparking anything yet.

If it's not raining at my second break, I'll walk again.
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