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Irony becomes me.

Monday we had three new women start. (One no one told the Tech department about, so I had to scramble at lunch time to get her a PC set up. But anyway)
Anna1, Anna2, and Dana. We (Tech) named the two Annas just to help us differentiate them, at least until we learned nicknames, last names, or faces. It worked out pretty well.
One of the guys had said, "Well, one of them will be cute." He was right - Anna1, the one in Tech, is cute.
I am the newest person there, hence, I understood what she is and will be going through for the next couple weeks. I hung out in her cube for a little while, showing her some tips and tricks for the software. We hit it off pretty well.
At 5:30 I shut my machine down and headed to her desk. She didn't look like she was ready to leave.
I told her, "You know, you're allowed to leave... We're done at 5:30."
She was completely surprised, quickly shut down her computer, and we walked out together.

Of course, it wasn't until I got halfway home that I realized *facepalm* I should have walked her to her car.

I come in today, and she and I pull into the parking lot within ten seconds of each other. It took me a minute to get my stuff gathered up (I've been carrying a pile of books... maybe I should just take my backpack) and I saw her as she walked to the building...

She smokes.

*cue crashing glass sound* Possibilities shattered.

Oh well. At least I won't be going through the tribulations of a workplace romance.

Even though everyone's really laid back, and there are at least three, probably four going on... I won't be contributing.

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