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Sunday in August

It started out as it usually does, with me getting woken up entirely too early for a Sunday, then showering, and sitting around doing nothing til 7:30 when we went to church.
After church, we picked up a (baker's) dozen bagels at Manhattan Bagel for breakfast.
Then we realized that my brother hadn't called home.

That is to say, he took my car down to the Jersey Shore on Friday night. He was supposed to be home late Saturday. He did not come home. He has not called. So needless to say, my family's been kind of worried.

So I watched my last Deep Space Nine dvds from Netflix (I'm up to season six, disc two).
At 2pm, we had dinner. I know, I know, you're saying, "But Mike, 2pm is lunch!"
Well, my sister's boyfriend and his daughter were over, so we had an early dinner.

Now, my sister has been dating this guy for over three years. One weekend of every month he brings over his little daughter and my mom babysits her while my sister and her guy go out.
Then we feed them on Sunday. Today we had meatloaf, mashed potatoes, tater tots, corn, broccoli... I'm missing something, but you get the idea. So they start fighting at the table about how much the girl ate. Then, as she always does afterwards, my sister goes into the bathroom and chugs through a cigarette in 45 seconds. Of course, she never told the guy she smokes... I imagine he knows, but she hides it from him.
Then there's my complaint about him never helping to clean up. He also tends to wear his hat at the dinner table. *GRR*

I don't understand how their relationship can be based on lies like that, especially when she expects to marry him (even though she's tired of all the BS supposedly and he's never really asked her... ) but then, my family never communicates about stuff like that.
Heck, it was almost as bad as pulling teeth to get my brother to tell me where he was wanting to take my car for the entire weekend.
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