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Has unfortunately not been my forte in regards to my journal the last few weeks.
It seems that by the time I get the need to write something, the opportunity and need have passed, and by then, I forget why I wanted to write.

So a quick recap.

~I have begun designing, with assistance, the website of dear ~S~.
~~I still hate CSS.
~I have begun taking calls on my own because I was tired of dealing with sitting in someone else's cube and taking calls for them.
~~I hope the canned responses come more quickly than the application-specific troubleshooting knowledge.
~I spent a weekend in Baltimore because I needed to get out of the house. Found out I have no chance whatsoever in hell with the girl I stayed with. She's Jewish; I'm not. 'Nuff said, she claims.
~~ Found out it's not my wireless network card that's having a problem - it's the access point/router.
~~ Found out the girl I stayed with in FL is getting/has gotten kicked out of her apartment due to damages wrought by at least one of her two dogs. She also has a cat, a ferret, and a guinea pig.
~~ Found out my car, the Buick Le Sabre, can really get moving, not to mention has awesome gas mileage when doing 75-80mph. I figure I could get over 500 miles to the tank (15ish gallons), as opposed to 200 city/stop and go driving.
~My writing has ramped up a bit - I worked on the last few paragraphs of the chapter of the story I'm working on, and am researching the next.
~~Discovered I should use my resource tracking abilities better. That is, I should carry around a pad and pen (I do) as well as my Palm for application serial numbers.
~Using my first paycheck, I've begun whittling away at the credit card debt I accrued during the last few months of my unemployment. I expect to be rid of that by sometime mid-2005, assuming I keep my job.
~~Also hope to save up for a car.

Things to do this weekend:
A visit to the bank
Clean my room. This seems to be a never-ending trial, especially with as jam-packed as I need to make my belongings. I also wish I had more bookshelf space. I can't imagine how much more light and air would flow through this room if I didn't have the 40+ books sitting between me and the airflow.
A Clan wedding!

Things to do soon:
Doctors. Eye, dentist.

Some nights, I make dinner for both my father and I. When in the process of making it, I ask my mother, sister, and brother (if present) whether they wish to partake. Invariably they say no.
So when Mom makes dinner after I pick Dad up from Dialysis and bitches at me, being the sole remaining offspring available to catch the brunt, it really pisses me off...
I wish I had some of ~A~'s serenity. Maybe then, too, I wouldn't have all the stupid stomach problems I do (of course, nothing much a visit to a GI couldn't help diagnose, either.)

To Amazon, who shipped my Amazon order in exactly one day, using their Super Saver Shipping :-D

Well, I've spent the last 2ish hours working on ~S~'s site, mostly successfully. I'm downloading Mandrake Linux 10 to use in work. And I'm yawning so much I'm surprised I haven't inhaled the monitor.

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