michaeljr915 (michaeljr915) wrote,

August Begins

So I sat here tonight while ~S~ bathed her kids and readies them for bed, reading the blogs of my fellow dreamers on Corruption of Reverie.
Well except mine, since I lived it, and ~S~'s, since she IMs me when she changes it.

Quite a diverse group we have there :)

I even counted my edits - three. Out of four pages of posts. Not bad.

Friday was a good night... We got pizza - Dad and I split the cost. I ended up logging EQ and hanging with ~T~ for a while to help him get back into the swing of things.

Saturday went pretty boringly. Spent the first eight hours of the day trying to fix the printer issue I fostered at home.
**See, the next to last Thursday in July, my sister took it upon herself to search for clipart for her boyfriend. (He's a DJ; she was making him a request list.) She also happened to end up with a whole cartload of spyware and viruses, which proceeded to hose the system.
I patched it as best I could, but knew it was on its last legs.
So Saturday the 24th I spent more money than I wanted to (and indeed more than I had) to get a new hard drive and an updated copy (2 license) of McAfee Virusscan. Then spent that afternoon rebuilding the system.**
So what happened was, that PC somehow became the 'hub' for printing in the home network. And by killing its install of Windows, killed the printer setup as well.
So those eight hours I spent fixing the setup and getting one, just one, out of 5 computers to print.
Logged up EQ and hung with haf for a while.

Church, breakfast, thunder and rain. Did a lot of nothing til dinner. Watched some Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Cooked chicken/burgers/hot dogs on the grill. I really do dispise eating at the same table with my sister's boyfriend and his daughter. Tonight sis + bf decided to fight. So I finished as fast as I could and retreated to my bedroom.
Got bored, and decided to go out. Went to Barnes&Noble and roamed the aisles for a bit over an hour. Picked up a computer mag, and came home.

So here I am, finishing reading those aforementioned blog type things.
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