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The First Week of the New Job

Monday -
Arrived on time. Shown my cubicle by my manager, Tina. Given a few basic office supplies - scissors, pen, highlighter, legal pad. Introduced to a few of the other techs. Told that my PC is used as the building's software storage machine and that all the other departments get their software off it. So I'm not allowed to make many changes.
Did new hire paperwork (w4, right-to-work, etc). Spent 10 minutes trying to figure out how to hang up the phone - apparently it's magnetic and hangs up when you set the receiver down.
Introduced to everyone in the building around 11 when Tina knew everyone had arrived.
Tina took me to lunch - I had turkey escarole soup (quite good) and a BLT.
Went to a Town Hall meeting where the CEO of the company gave a BORING presentation. Almost fell asleep a few times.
Set up one of the new Dell PCs that were received that day, learned how to set up the software I'll be supporting, how to register it.

Tuesday -
Stopped at Wawa for breakfast. Got my new PC and started to install the software and customize its settings to my comfort. Told by Tina to listen to the other techs by rolling up and down the aisle when they get a call. The only problem is, the tiny piece of hardware that allows me to jack into their phone and hear what they can, had been stolen, so I either needed to listen via speakerphone, or just listen to half a conversation. Of course, a lot of the techs (out of the five there) have their phones exceptionally loud anyway.
Did computer-based training (CBT), worked more on my PC.
Laddavanh (Laddie) and Sharon took me out to the Mall for lunch - I had Saladworks' Tivoli.
Did more training and setup. (There's two main programs, and about 30 updates that need to be applied.)
Fixed a user support rep's PC when he downloaded a 3d volcano screensaver and it hosed his system.

Wednesday -
Stopped at Wawa again for breakfast. Diddled on my computer til everyone got set up. Listened all day. Wawa meatball sandwich for lunch.
Really don't remember the rest of the day. Pretty boring. Talked to Sharon for a while about ex-work and how it went downhill (she worked there for a few months, about 3-4 years ago.)

Thursday -
More Wawa. More self-training. Setup Virtual PC/Win 98 with the Tax Software. Lunch was Domino's. Pepperoni and Pineapple pizza is pretty good.
Had a "WebEx" training session with Patricia (Trish). She's one of the user support techs. (See, they help the accountants/paralegals/etc with input and where stuff goes; I help fix it when broken.) She's not Kathy Ireland or Carmen Electra hot, but she's just got that certain something that makes you go "Dayum!"
Chatted for a while with Tony, Bob, and Steve (the other three techs in the department.)

Friday -
Wawa again. More computer work. Couldn't get WinNT to install on Virtual PC.
Steve gave me a job to do - clean out the cube across from his, and move all the contents to a nearby cube. Apparently, all the software imaging, storage, and hardware organization is done from a single cube in the building, instead of a secure location where stuff can't get stolen from.
He gave me four hours; I was done in 90 minutes, with a decent amount of organization. Also cleaned the old cube. It'll be assigned to a new tech who's going to start in two weeks.
Lunch was Mall Chinese. Had a training session from ProBATE, one of the companies Thomson recently purchased. Listened and vegged til the end of the day.

Overall -
Seems like a decent place to work.
Everyone is very laid back, there's no real sense of hustle there.
Dress code is business casual Light - that is, while the official dress code is Business Casual, most people wear jeans and sneakers with button-downs or Polos.
I'm not getting trained. That is to say, I'm not getting any formal training. I'm not getting sat in a room with a book and a teacher showing me how to fix the program, what its problems are, etc. I'm expected to pick it up all on my own, which I really don't mind, but I wish there was some communication either way about it.
I think I'll enjoy it there, once I get past the frustration about the learning curve.
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