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A week to catch up, almost

Last Monday, the 12th, was my parents' 30th wedding anniversary.

Early that morning, I went to a local shipping shop, and dropped off my old/broken cell phone, in a UPS 2day air envelope. I also paid for ground shipping for my broken Video card. Received a tracking number.

Tuesday had my interview. See Wednesday Whiffles.

Wednesday tried tracking my video card. UPS had no record of it. Odd.
Thursday tried again, still no tracking. So I called the Mail Place and asked, wtf?
4 hours pass while they try to find it. The owner calls me back. Oh, it turns out we had to give you a different tracking number for it. (Couldn't they have called to tell me?) and by the way, it was delivered yesterday. /rock!
Somewhere in there, I get a call from Tina, the lady I interviewed with. She and the other manager were so enthused about my interviews, they are sending my infos to the HR Main Office in NY. I should expect a call from HR.

Friday I get a call from HR - Karen, and fill out and fax back the forms she emailed me.

Saturday was a mostly-veg day. I honestly can't remember what I did, outside of watching Galaxy Quest with Dad. oh! I had a tension headache most of the day. Wrote a story.

Sunday... Church, then took Dad to a computer show, which sucked, and we only came out with 'Pressure Cookers for Dummies' for mom. I'd wanted a new video card, only 72 bucks, but I figure that cash could pay my cell bill. Then came home. Almost got to go on an EQ raid with ~A~ but the power died.
I got zapped replacing a broken breaker. Ouch. felt weird all the rest of the day.

Today went out with Dad. We were going to go to the Flying W airport, but all roads to it were blocked, after all the rain we've gotten recently. So we went to Johnsons' Farm. There was a Channel 3 News van there. We went in, shopped, got peaches and ice tea, and left. As we were leaving, the reporter and his cameraman were setting up :( Oh well.

Angel and Charmed weren't on today! So disappointing, I was really getting into them.

Cooked the steaks for dinner; also had hamburger helper and parsley potatoes.
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