michaeljr915 (michaeljr915) wrote,


That is, the "Usual Sunday Shit."

Friday I took Dad to dialysis. Came home. Strong breeze blowing north-> south. Figured I'd reverse my window fan. Shut it off, waited for it to stop spinning. Flicked the reverse switch, and turned it back on.

*POOF*! Fireball. *CLICK* Power went out.

So I dragged it out of the window and out to the trash.

Saturday we went out to dinner for my parents' anniversary (which is on the 12th - Numero Thirty-o!) to a place in NJ called the Pic-a-Lilli Inn. Great wings, but I had steak.
After all, if I'm gonna be going on a job interview this week, I want my stomach to only be bothered by nervosity instead of food problems too.

Sunday we dressed up for Church. Mom and Dad had their vows renewed at the first mass. Very tear-engendering.
Found a replacement fan for my window. A bit louder, but at least the room's cooler now.

I got my replacement cellphone Friday. Also need to send out my video card to have it replaced under warranty.
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