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Tuesday Night

So tonight was alright...

Dad enjoyed his steak dinner... I got to 'drive' my sister's manual shift Bronco (if you count backing up 15 feet 'driving'). I had a turkey tortilla wrap with feta cheese, mustard, mayo and dill relish.

Now, tell me why it's so hard to find dill relish? The last time we saw it in the supermarket, I bought six 12 ounce jars, just so we'd have it nearly the full year through. Is it seasonal? Is it that out of demand? Or do the fast food chains and restaurants and hot dog stands hog it all?

So anyway, logged up EQ with my friends, and got the Twins almost all the way to 61. Wow. Fun night, even with three deaths on my part.

Not looking forward to losing the laptop for a week or more because I use it way too much. Not to mention, my brother's totally computerless now, since his died, and the laptop's going away.

I need to fix that tomorrow or Thursday... *sigh*

Oh well. Time for my fridge run, just to see that there's no food I want to eat, and head to bed.
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