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Independence Day Weekend (even though it's not over)

Picked up and cashed my brother's paycheck.
Took Dad to dialysis.
Picked Dad up from dialysis.
Mom bought hoagies from Wawa for dinner.

Vegged and cleaned til everybody finished in the bathroom (my sister's boyfriend's daughter was over, so she has bathroom preference.) Mom decided she wanted to take Dad and I out to lunch, but we didn't get out til almost 4. We went to our usual place... except it sucked. The servers were bitches, the food was cold, and some of it was bad. Didn't feel well all night.

Sunday... July Fourth!
Church. Breakfast. Still not feeling well. Got invited to a 'thing' today, but unfortunately couldn't go. Felt that if I put anything in my mouth I'd wommit. Stuck in my room while aforementioned daughter monopolized the bathroom.
Had spaghetti for dinner. Ate a little bit just to get food in my tummy.
Watched Galaxy Quest again, and the first disc of Sex and the City Season 1.
11:30 and I'm balls-tired... Must be the not-feeling-wellness.
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