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Serious Week

I've been seriously trying to remember how I spent my week.

Monday got up early to take Dad to an appointment with his prosthetist.
Leave the house, see the car has a flat tire.
Carefully drive to gas station block and a half away. Not taking air. Drive home. Call mom to pick us up. Call prosthetist to tell him we're going to be slightly late. Drop her off at work. Go to prosthetist.
Dad gets his leg shortened slightly, and also the knee lowered a bit so he doesn't get as badly irritated.
Head to Burger King for breakfast.
At home, Dad gets out of the car. I proceed to dump half the food on the ground.
We eat.
I go to NTB to get a patch on the tire, however, since I'd driven it (barely) the bead was broken and the belts in the walls of the tire snapped. So I had to get a new one. 60 bucks. /vomit
Head home. Drop Olds off for Mom, and walk home.
Take Dad to dialysis.
Don't quite remember the rest of the afternoon, til I picked up Dad. Strange how often the hours between 2 and 6:30 can vanish. Although, I do have a regular date with the TV for Angel and Charmed (flicking to Sliders and Stargate, respectively, during commercials.)

Had to clean because Dad's friend was up from Atlanta again. I climbed out on the roof to clean the gutters, then vacuumed and dusted.
Watched Deep Space Nine.
Vegged while Dad hung out with his friend. Got a couple pictures. Got to watch most of Angel.

Dad's appointments with the vascular surgeon went pretty well. Of course, we ended up waiting for the better part of an hour... took us two hours for a 15 minute ultrasound of his neck, and 10 minutes of doctor contact.
Headed home, then to dialysis. I think we stopped at lunch, but I really don't remember where. *sigh again*
Watched Pleasantville, then Angel and Charmed again.
Picked up Dad.

Thursday... Got Dad up early and we went to see Spiderman 2! Awesome movie. Better than the first. Went to Burger King for lunch. Dad napped, I wrote and roleplayed.
We watched Angel and Charmed together.

Friday (that's today!)
Woke up. Got bitched at by Mom for not helping my sister with the pool. She can sod off. Her and my sister. For once my sister's actually doing something for the family that she won't solely benefit by, and I get yelled at? How is that fair?
Brother called so I could pick up his check to cash/deposit it. Got Dad up, we showered (not together, one at a time) and headed out.
Dan was nice enough to pay for our lunch.
Took Dad to dialysis.
Watched Deep Space Nine again, but snoozed through most of it.
Watched Angel, Charmed. Picked up Dad.
Then Mom paid for dinner. Hoagies from Wawa. Got complimented on my Starfleet Academy shirt by a rather cute lady while waiting.
Watched Bridget Jones' Diary while trying to fix my computers. They've all been overheating. Can't have that.

So here I am, sitting, trying to remember what all went on this week.
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