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Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

I don't remember too well how Friday started out. Must not have made a big 'splash' in my memory.

Fed Dad. Took him to dialysis with Mom in the car, since she took a half day for us to do plumbing.

So after dropping off Dad we go to lunch at a rather up-scale Greek restaurant/diner. The food sucked. My BLT was rock hard. The toast was like shingles, and the bacon was like 2x4s. The tea, such as it was, had been bottled Lipton. Now, I like bottled Lipton, but I expect better from a restaurant. The server/waitress even brought the tea to our table -in the bottle-.

Then we went to Home Depot. Shopped. Came home. Were getting ready to start when my sister decided she was going to take her after-work shower. We ended up not doing anything.

Saturday... woke up. Don't remember much til about 9 when a friend of Mom's (who is in construction) came over to start digging for the pool. We then proceeded to spend the next 7 hours working on that. Got pizza for 'lunch' at 4. Boy was I hungry. Had two and a half slices. After all, I'd only had a single pop tart for breakfast. Or was it two? I don't remember. Then had another slice at 7:30.
At nine, Mom made dinner. Chicken and veggies. *sigh* Needless to say, I was waaaaay full.

Sunday... Woke up easily enough for Sunday. SS&S to get ready for Church. Went to Church. Stopped at the Acme afterwards for milk, bread, eggs, scrapple. Headed home. Mom and Casey made breakfast.
The next few hours, again, are a blur. I vaguely recall watching American Wedding. I think I dozed in and out.
5ish Mom calls me down to cook the steaks for dinner.
Man I'm good. I'm so good at grilling and having food come out 'great', I can't imagine what I could do with a decent grill. See, ours is really really old. I don't even know where we got it - it just showed up one weekend in the backyard. The jets are all rusted, the control knobs are gone, and I use a small screwdriver to adjust the flames.
But hey! It works, and I can make some really good food with it.
I also read some more of my book, 'Renegades of Pern', while cooking. I need to start 'The Da Vinci Code' soon. Probably Tuesday, at the rate I'm going.

But other than that, a relatively normal and quiet weekend.

A heartfelt, Happy Birthday to ~A~!
And also a Happy Anniversary to ~S~!
and *hugs* for haf cause I know she could use one!
Oh, and sorry ~L~, but it's starting to thunder again, and I can smell the rain coming. *comforting hugs*
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