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Bored Quiz

a quiz cuz im bored

First grade teacher's name: Mrs. Rita Ream
Last word you said: Are you getting lottery tickets?
Last song you sang: My Immortal
Last song stuck in your head: D12's My Band (which really sucks)


What's in your CD player: Logan's Run
What color socks are you wearing: flesh (no socks)
What's under your bed: Bricks to hold it up, power cables for computers, boxes of D&D paraphernelia
What's the weather like: warm and semi-humid
What time did you wake up today: 8:05ish


Who do you want to marry: the girl who can make me smile
Are you going to college: I did, and hope to go back
Where do you want to go: California, Texas, Ohio
What is your career going to be: No idea
Where are you going to live: NJ at the moment
How many kids do you want: 2
Kids' names: Too many options to list. Michael III - son. Definately.
Where do you want your honeymoon: somewhere warm
What kind of car will you have: Something economical
your favorite author: JK Rowling atm
your favorite number: 15
your favorite excuse: Don't use excuses all that often
your favorite emotion: being satisfied
your favorite drink: ice tea
your favorite place: My bedroom atm
your favorite unattainable object: A $500million winning lottery ticket
your favorite way to die: Can't say I have one
your favorite frustion: i hate being frustrated
shoes: New Balance, but comfortable
nail polish: I don't have to wear any, do I?
perfume: Haven't smelled perfume on a woman since... October.
cd in stereo right now: Several of the family's

Number of times I have been in love: once
Number of times I have had my heart broken: twice
Number of hearts I have broken: one coming up
Number of boys I have kissed in my life: Can't say any
Number of girls I have kissed: 5, maybe six
Number of continents I have visited: one
Number of drugs taken illegally: zero
Number of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends: Hmm. 4, maybe 5.
Number of people from high school that I stayed in contact with: one
Number of cd's that I own: 40 or so
Number of piercings: 0
Number of tattoos: None
Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: i think twice
Number of scars on my body: alot
Number of people that has made me scared of what they could do to me physically: a couple
Number of things in my past that I regret: more than I think about, but less than I remember
Read, write, play video games, hang out with Dad

3/week, 15/month maybe?

Living/Dining/Bath, Kitchen, three bedrooms, basement.

Yes, for a month or so
Father, mother, brother, sister, cat, gerbil

When was the last time you ...

Smiled?: Today when I made my dad laugh
Laughed?: a few minutes ago
Cried?: Been a while
Bought something?: Hardware at Home Depot, today
Talked to an ex?: Weds night
Watched your favorite movie?: Last week - Pirates of the Caribbean

A Last time for everything ...

Last book you read: The Ship Who Sang
Last movie you saw: American Wedding
Film: see above
Last song you heard: My Immortal
Last thing you had to drink: water
Last thing you ate: Deli's kettle chips

Do You ...

Smoke?: Only second-hand, but not by choice
Do drugs?: Nope
Have sex?: 66 months and counting
Sleep with stuffed animals?: Not since... 10th grade?
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: nope
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: yea
Play an instrument?: Not anymore
Read the newspaper?: Nope
Have any gay or lesbian friends?: Yes
Believe in miracles?: yes
Like the taste of alcohol?: nope
Have a favorite candy?: heath bar
Go to church?: Every Sunday
Have any pets: Cat - Zeus, Gerbil - Harry
Do well in school?: I used to
Wear hats?: Not unless I can help it
Have a secret crush?: Not anymore
Collect anything?: Chinese fortunes and movie ticket stubs
Have a best friend?: Yes
Wish on stars?: yea
Care about looks?: sometimes
Believe in witches?: yes

live in?: a house
favorite pop?: Canada Dry Vanilla Cream
classical music or rap?: classical
is rap crap?: somewhat..but i like some
how many times have you moved?: umm... 7 times
smoke?: never
drink?: nope
whats the last swear word you've said?: fuck
do you believe in God?: Yes
do you like acting?: Yes, but it's been a while, and I'm out of practice. I'm pretty good at roleplaying though.
whats your favorite sport?: Volleyball
immature or mature?: Mature

soda, pop or sodapop?: soda
why did the chicken cross the road?: To get from the left to the right
whats your favorite flower?: hmmm... Daisies
favorite bird?: Cardinals
aim, msn, or yahoo?: Yahoo, or AIM if I need to
favorite t.v. show?: Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Charmed, or Angel
ps2 or gambox?: PS2
pen or pencil?: pen
skirt or dress?: Depends on the woman wearing them
pants, shorts or capris?: Shorts
cds or cassetts?: cds
are roses red?: if they wanna be
when did you last miss your bus?: uh... 10th grade. 9 years ago.
whats the funniest joke you've ever heard?: Anything by Tim Allen or Blue Collar Comedy Tour
are you popular?: Probably not
are you a teachers pet?: Always used to be

do you love someone?: Not romantically, but platonically, yes
kiss or hug?: Yes
herseys kiss or acual kiss?: Actual kiss
Do you like your brother?: Sometimes
Do you like your sister?: Sometimes
Do you get along with your parents?: sometimes
Why does, polly want a cracker?: He's hungry?
What is your favorite scent?: Hm. Falling rain during the summer
Do you believe in labels?: Only on food packages
Are you a band freak?: Band geek, only in my dreams.
Curly or straight?: Straight on me, but I'm flexible on women
Short or long?: Short on me, again, flexible on women
Blonde or brunette?: brunette, but still flexible
Do you have blonde moments?: Yes, but I call them 'Polish Moments'
Are you failing school?: Not anymore
G.P.A?: It was 3.25 if I recall
Favorite game?: Everquest at the moment
Favorite book?: The White Dragon

What is the geekiest part of your music collection? A lot of soundtracks

What do you eat when you raid the fridge late at night? Cold chinese food

If you could have plastic surgery, what would you have done?
Nothing I can think of

What is the little physical habit that gives away your insecure moment? Bite my lips and chew the calluses on my fingers

Do you know anyone famous? I've met several people including Boyz 2 Men, Reggie Cunningham, and several other Philadelphia Eagles

Describe your bed: Twin, 16 inches above ground, two pillows in one pillowcase, home-made comforter, two small pillows at the food-end, including one I made in... 8th grade

Do you know how to play poker? Yes

What do you carry with you at all times? Wallet, housekeys, and cellphone

What do you miss most about being little? Clothes that fit

Are you happy with your given name? Definately

How much money would it take to get you to give up internet for 1 year? 10 million

what color is your bedroom? Pine brown

Have you ever been in a play? Several in High School. Also ran lights and audio for several more.

Do you talk a lot? Not as much as some of my friends would like me to

Do you like yourself and believe in yourself? Usually

What's one thing you wish you could do but can't? Travel through time, probably.
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