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Le Weekend

Friday was Dad's Birthday. Numero 57-o. Took him to breakfast (actually early lunch) at Perkins. He got a Greek omelette - feta cheese, spinach, tomatoes, with hash browns and pancakes. I got steak and eggs. The steak was crappy, the eggs runny. The english muffins were burnt.
I really need to learn to speak up.

So after I dropped him at dialysis, I hopped over to the mall for cards and presents. I got him the Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban 2005 calendar, as well as the audio book 'The Da Vinvi Code'.

Came home, watched Angel and Charmed, picked Dad up. Dan sprung for Chinese food for dinner. We did happy-to-you, and since I wasn't feeling well, forced those of us at home to do cake and 'presents' before 10:30. Went to bed not long after that. Mom'd gotten Dad an Italian Rum Cake... huge 12 inch round cake... and he and I had one slice each. Boy is that gonna take a while to eat.

Saturday... uh... I think I vegged til 3... It's all kind of a blur, because I still hadn't been feeling well. I went out quickly to Target and Petsmart. At Target, I got a couple Hawaiian shirts, since I had a 'post-wedding luau' to go to on Sunday.

So let me tell about that first. All week I reminded Mom that I had this reception, basically, to go to. Weds, Thurs night I told her, Mom, make any plans for Birthday and Father's Day for Saturday, since I have the luau on Sunday.
Friday rolls around. Mom calls me after I took Dad to breakfast and tells me that she made reservations at Outback for 4:30 on Sunday. And I said, Mom, what about my luau? She replies, "You're not going, are you?"

Of COURSE I'm going! I RSVP'ed, and it'd make me look like a shmuck or worse if I didn't.

So anyway, Saturday, got the shirts, then went to Petsmart for gerbil food.

Vegged and rested Saturday night.

Sunday, we go to church. I spring for breakfast at Old Country Buffet. Dad and I stuff ourselves silly. NO MORE EGGS! I refuse to eat any more eggs during the month of June, and probably some point in July, too.
I nap and rest (boy I needed that this weekend, too) and get ready for the party at 1.
I leave the house at 1:50. Get gas. I'm at the place by 2:25, and didn't feel like sitting in the parking lot, so I drove around for 25 minutes.
Entered, saw Tom's Dad, reintroduced myself. The entrance table had the favor-gifts on them... little beach bucket kits with animal sand-molds, and shovels. There was also a tag with my seating assignment.
Each table, in addition to being named after a Caribbean island, had a balloon... Some were palm trees, others, tiki men. Dolphins, toucans, fish, suns, and flamingos rounded out the rest. Each table also had a bear made by Shari's dad (who owns a build-your-own-bear store) and copies of pictures from their wedding in Saint Lucia.

So I found my table. The Virgin Islands table. Cute joke, Tom. And eventually people arrived, including several people from ex-work.
I missed the Wine Cellar with assorted cheeses due to stomach problems.
Dinner was good... Pepper steak (pass), Ham with crushed pineapple (pretty good), fresh Mahi-Mahi (really good, had some chopped fruit on it), sweet and sour chicken (really good), vegetable stir fry (with zucchini, and usually I hate zucchini, but this was GOOD), as well as roast beef (only one slice, but it was good) and barbecued ribs (awesome).
I mingled as best I could what with running in and out of the bathroom.
Finally it was over (and yes, I had a pretty good time). Went over Tom's house after helping clean up and hung out for a few hours. We got pizza, and I went home a little after ten.

I had a great time. It had to have had the best theme for a post-wedding party I've ever been to (and I've been to a few.)
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