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Interesting couple of days.

I'll start with Thursday, the 3rd.
Early, Dad had a colonoscopy. I was up at just before four, with a stomach ache of my own.

We went. He did great. No problems. /yay!

Then we picked up breakfast on our way home. Burger King... two #6 - the bacon egg and cheese croissant with hash browns. I got fruit punch Hi-C, Dad got diet Coke. We ate, then he napped and I fiddled on the computer.

Decided to check Moviefone for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban tickets for Midnight. They were available at our local Loews! YES! So I mentioned it to Dad, and he's like, cool, let's go pick them up!
Stop at Wawa for cash. And beef jerky. (Dad and I always take a bag or two of beef jerky with us to movies.)
Drive all the way over to the theatre, and bummer, they're sold out. So we go home. I'm bummed, Dad's bummed.
The night progresses, as does my stomach ache.

Friday, I get up usual time.
Decide to check Moviefone again.
9:30 at the mall? Hmmm... also ten.
Run down at 8:15, wake Dad. "Hey Dad, Harry's at the Mall at Ten. Wanna go? We can get lunch after."
So I shower, we get ready, and leave by 9. Plan's working perfectly!
Get to the Mall, go in. "Hey Dad, there's a 9:30 show."
(Reminder to self: Never go to that Mall's theatre again. The floor was sticky. They had commercials (not just trailers). The handicapped seating was wayyyyyy too far away for my Dad to see well.)

The movie...
Well how can I put this bluntly and succinctly.

Definately rates a nine. That is... I'll see it in the movies nine more times *winkwink* Well, maybe if I didn't have to pay for them all.
We go to Wendy's for lunch. Three junior bacon cheese burgers, three orders of nuggets. We get home. We eat.
I computer. He naps.
I take him to dialysis.
I nap and computer. Brother calls me at 4:30. Needs me to deposit his paycheck.
I go to his work, pick it up, and deposit it.
Come home. Eat. Pick up Dad. Come home. Realize I'd forgotten Dad's prescriptions, so I run out to Eckerd.

And inside, I ran into a girl from high school. We chatted for ~20 minutes. She's 8 months pregnant. Married. Seemed to be in good shape. She got taller since I'd last seen her. Still a very lovely girl (inside and out).

That made my night. Got home, tried to feed Dad. He wasn't hungry.
So I did my usual night stuff. Seemed ~S&C~ had logged off early, and ~A~ wasn't online, and nor was haf so I logged off and watched Old School. Funny movie.

So here I am journalling... and I think I'm gonna go to bed.
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