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So I was bored tonight.
Re-found an ex' Livejournal, and perused, but only cause she tends to take some of the most wacked quizzes.

So I found a lot of quizzes on Quizdiva. Most of which aren't work safe, btw.

And I found out the following:


Your Journal Is Rated G

By online journal standards, yours is pretty tame

Your life is exciting, you just find exhibitionism lame

You've got plenty of funny and insightful things to share

Just not what you look like in your favorite underwear

What's Your Journal Rated?

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two people

You Will Have Sex With 2 People!

That's like one person, ever four years

Maybe it's true that everyone gets two true loves

Or maybe one true love and one screw up

For a girl, you're about average... for a guy, a little inactive

How Many People Will You Have Sex With?

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butterfly tattoo

You Should Get a Butterfly Tattoo!

Cute, pretty, and somewhat tame

You're more into looking hot than bleeding

Start small! Before long, you'll be colorful in the right places.

What Tattoo Should You Get?

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Annoyingly, a lot of the quizzes are geared towards women.
Must be a magazine/woman/poll/quiz thing.
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