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I hate being a stomach nervotic.

Yes, I made that up.

I've known people with some strange tendencies when they're nervous.
When I was in elementary school I knew...
... a kid who'd get pinkeye for the first 3 days of school, usually resulting in his missing those days.
... a girl who'd vomit at the slightest sight of food for the first week
... a kid who passed out during homeroom, and was fine for the rest of the year
... a girl who pulled out a hank of her hair, from twirling it too tightly around her finger

Myself, when I'm nervous, it goes right to my stomach, and I end up running in and out of the bathroom for a while. The only thing so far that alleviates it is cimetidine, acid reducing pills. *sigh*

So Thursday, May 20th, when I had my job interview at Camden County College I was fighting gas and a waffly stomach. Luckily, I made it home before I couldn't hold it any longer.

I'm sure this may seem like TMI, but it's something I deal with.
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