michaeljr915 (michaeljr915) wrote,

5/17 2:05 on 5/15 because of waffly stomach

Finished the show and Markus and Meri pick us up. We head out to Markus' lacrosse game, stopping for breakfast at McDonalds'. I have a sausage burrito, and a sausage egg mcmuffin meal. ~S~ calls me half-way through eating to tell me reluctantly that she didn't get to get Unu's note at Chardok, because I'd been so nervous about the trip I'd forgotten to sign up. Thanks hon, it was my fault.
We go to the lacrosse field, dropping Markus off, so the rest of us can go shopping for the birthday party of the kid we're going to later. We end up going to a dollar store, and we got him a can of green bath foam and a large plastic golfing set.
We go to the game. We watch the game. I get cooked. Markus' team wins in overtime.
We leave. I snooze on the way to the party. Met several of Nina's extended family. Stomach starts to bother me. I pitstop. Nina's designated photographer. We finally do presents, because Matt, the birthday boy, starts to unwrap them by himself. It's pandemonium. There were three of the other kids, all in the four year old range, helping him unwrap.
He ended up getting a lot of stuff, including Spider-Man web shooters, some towels, and a bike. We leave.
Come back to Nina's place. Nina mentions that one of the ladies, Joan, liked me, and that I had been a hit with her family.
It's a curse. *sarcastic*
We were ready to head over to Meri's for "Finding Nemo" but everyone was tired over there, so Nina and I went to Albertson's, the 'high profile' supermarket here. It's right across the street from her development. We got ice cream, and I got beef jerky and cranberry juice.
We get back, watch some of the 'Chris Rock: Never-' something comedy special. A thunderstorm spikes the power and we lose the show, so we went to bed.
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