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Layers of the Onion called Michael

I stole this from LJ somewhere...

-- name: Michael
-- birthplace: New Jersey
-- current Location: New Jersey
-- eye color: Brown
-- hair color: Brown
-- righty or lefty: Righty
-- zodiac sign: Virgo, the flexible, the practical, the organized.

-- your heritage: Italian and Polish, second generation - that is, my parents were both born in USA, but their parents weren't
-- the shoes you wore today: My new mocassins from Christmas
-- your fears: Failing... rejection... death
-- your perfect pizza: All-you-can-eat! Or just extra cheese :)
-- goal you'd like to achieve: Getting a new job.
-- your most overused phrase on MSN: MSN sucks.
-- your thoughts first waking up: Dammit, what a waste of a good dream.
-- your bedtime: After midnight
-- your favorite memories: Camping with Dad, Fishing with Dad, Scouts in general with Dad. Knocking my dad off the back of a pickup truck with a house ;-) There's a lot more, but lately, my memories have been Dad-centric.

-- pepsi or coke: Caffeine free either, preferably Pepsi.
-- mcdonald's or burger king: Burger King!
-- single or group dates: Single, but I do recall two good group dates - one to Ren Faire, and one to Six Flags Great Adventure
-- adidas or nike: Nike
-- lipton ice tea or nestea: Either
-- chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla
-- cappuccino or coffee: Wawa French Vanilla Cappuccino with extra sugar and milk.

-- smoke: Only second hand.
-- cuss: Occasionally.
-- sing: Nope. Well, I do, but I can't.
-- take a shower everyday: Sure do!
-- have a crush: Not officially...
-- do you think you've been in love: I know I have been...
-- want to go to college: One semester wasn't enough...
-- high school: Maple Shade was the one that meant the most, but Triton was fun, too.
-- want to get married: So far, yes.
-- believe in yourself: Not as much as others seem to believe in me. Then again I'm repeatedly told most of what I do is good enough, so there you go.
-- get motion sickness: Yes - and to alleviate it I need dramamine and a Gameboy or book
-- think you're a health freak: Sometimes, I don't care enough about my own health...
-- get along with your parent(s): I get along with my whole family.
-- play an instrument: Played Sax for a few weeks.

in the past month...
-- drank alcohol: Not even in the last ten years!
-- smoked: My cars do, as do most of my famiy, but I do not.
-- done a drug: No
-- made out: Don't I wish?
-- gone on a date: Does my mom count?
-- gone to the mall: Yes
-- ate an entire box of oreos: No, but I did eat two boxes of Girl Scout Cookies...
-- eaten sushi: No, but tempura.
-- been on stage: Only virtually.
-- been dumped: Need to go on a true date and make out to be dumped
-- gone skating: No...
-- made homemade cookies: I tasted my sister's... I'm not allowed to bake
-- gone skinnydipping: Not this month - in fact, almost six years ago now
-- dyed your hair: Nope
-- stolen anything: No.

-- played a game that required removal of clothing: No.
-- been caught "doing something": Which something? Something, yes, but something something, no.
-- been called a tease: Yes, but I'm out of practice.
-- gotten beaten up: A few times. Once because of my brother, by like 9 other guys... once (last August) BY my brother... a few other times I just don't feel like remembering.
-- age you hope to be married: 30ish...
-- numbers and names of children: 2 - helps with winning vacations ;) Names, well, to be announced.
-- describe your *dream* wedding: I haven't dreamt about it lately.
-- how do you want to die: I don't, that's part of the problem.
-- What do you want to be when you grow up: I'm grown up, and nowhere near where I'd imagined I'd be.
-- what country would you most like to visit: California (yes, I know that's a state. But i'm repeatedly told it's like going to another country.) But if you want to be official, England or anywhere non-North America, though I'd go to Canada for the moose, mousse, and poutine :)

in a significant other...
-- best eye color? Doesn’t matter, as long as they don't mind me staring deep into their depths :)
-- best hair color? Doesn’t matter, as long as it's washed
-- short or long hair: No current preference
-- height: I've had taller, and shorter, and same height... not picky.
-- best weight: Weight doesn’t matter a whole lot... There's nicely rounded but then there's grossly obese. Meat on the bones. :)
-- best articles of clothing: Suits, dresses, tshirts and jeans...
-- best first date location: It’s been forever since I’ve been on a first date, but I would have to say someplace where you’re doing something…like bowling, or skating, something where you’re doing more than just talking.

-- # of drugs taken illegally: Zero
-- # of people i could trust with my life: Five... and my family doesn't count
-- # of CDs that i own: More than I'd like to process for cost, but not enough for quantity
-- # of piercings: None
-- # of tattoos: Zero!
-- # of scars on my body: Wow. Um, a lot.
{x} current clothes: Mocassins from Christmas, a red Bubba Gump Shrimp Company tee, and grey sweatpants.
{x} current mood: Just eh... ate dinner and feel a bit better
{x} current taste: Sprite with a side of home made turkey wrap
{x} current hair: Longer than I like it, but I'm not letting my mom or sister anywhere near it
{x} current annoyance: Family. Nuff' said
{x} current thing you ought to be doing: Working my website, working my NWN module, searching for a job...
{x} current desktop picture: A photo of me, my friends Amber and Josh, at a Halloween Party
{x} current book: The White Dragon by... Laura someone. It's in the bathroom; I don't remember.
{x} current worry: Not getting a job and going broke
{x} current crush: See above
{x} current favorite celebrity: Celebrity? Can't think of any, really.
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