michaeljr915 (michaeljr915) wrote,

5/14, 9:35am, on 5/13

After finishing "Harry Potter" I watched "Sweet Home Alabama", which I actually liked, and "Breakfast at Tiffany's", which I did not.
During this time, I played a few hours of "Lunar Legend" for my Game Boy. I napped somewhere in there.
She came home from work, and we ordered dinner. Chinese. I got Wonton soup, steamed dumplings, and sesame chicken. Decent food, actually. More chicken than broccoli in the sesame chicken, which was a nice surprise.
Then her brother called and we went to her Mom's house to swap cars. I ended up working on her Mom's computer for a couple hours. Met her mom's new dog Tiny. He's a black chihuahua. I met her Grandmother. She doesn't speak much English.
Came home, and watched Law and Order. Went to bed.
I actually got a bit more sleep than I did last night... The allergies didn't kick back in til after I retook more Claritin, and only then for a short time.
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