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Mothers' Day

Started out decent.
Was woken up again a bit too early, destroying a rather interesting dream about a corridor...
Church, which was nice.
FUNNY! Poor Dad. Was trying to two-step it into Church, and his leg gave, and he rolled backwards down the stairs. Thankfully it was less than 6 stairs. We were laughing, Mom and I. She cackled so much she had a couple people come out to see what was the matter.
Breakfast. Pretty good. Everyone but me overstuffed.
Home... Slouched for a while. Found the suitcase, so I can pack. Tried on shorts. 2 out of 8 pair still fit (if a bit snug). Need to go shopping.
Got a call from ~S~, wished her Happy Mothers' Day.
Helped Mom in the garden for a bit. Laid grass seed.
Talked to haf briefly, wished her Happy Mothers' Day. (Hope you're feeling better, hon.)
Went to pick up Dinner at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Big problem here. The list had 2 buckets of chicken, 2 large/family sized potato wedges, 2 large sides of gravy, and a large popcorn chicken.
So the drive-thru lady tells me to come inside. I do. Guy at the register, supposedly a manager, tells me they no longer sell buckets. That they've never sold 20 piece buckets. I ask for the biggest he can give me. He says I can give you two orders of 8 pieces. I end up waiting for 15 minutes for the extra-crispy chicken. Leave. Check on the way home, they gave me the wrong size potato wedges. I drive back and order two of the boxes. Head home.
Sister's pissed. Gets in car with me and her BF and we drive back to KFC where I proceed to tell them the whole deal. The real manager ended up giving us a full replacement on our meal free. Needless to say, my sister maintains we're never going to that specific restaurant ever again.
Dinner went okay after that.
Watched the Network Premiere of Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone with Dad, and saw the Prisoner of Azkaban teasers.
And here I am.
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